Press 4 Purpose Founder

Miranda Mitchell born in Augusta, GA is a fierce woman of God with an effervescent personality. Based out of Tampa, Florida and Founder of Press 4 Purpose Ministries she is energetic, filled with joy and her love for Christ is contagious and overflowing to all she comes in contact with.

Miranda is married to Jason Mitchell and passionate about family, faithfully loving and serving her husband and children as unto the Lord. She is a proponent of family building through the principals of the word of God, daily devotionals and a dedicated life of prayer. Miranda is a conduit of love and is an advocate for broken women, hurting children and homeless teens, lending her voice and resources to help bring change to their lives. She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.

Miranda Mitchell is also an author and wrote her first book/devotional titled He's A Keeper in 2013 which gave birth to two conferences based in Olympia, Washington. Recently relocating to Tampa, Florida, Miranda is excited and looking forward to her next book and continuing to host conferences aimed at assisiting the broken, sexual trafficked victims and homeless teens and parents.



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